The packaging

Wineintube es presenta en format "wineintube" 3 litres.

Wineintube comes in a 3-litre "wineintube" format.

The Wineintube container consists of an airtight bag incorporating a tap or dispenser introduced inside a cylindrical box featuring a handle for easy transport.

This type of packaging preserves the wine with all its qualities, given that the bag contracts as it is being emptied, thus preventing the wine from coming into contact with the air. The cylindrical box isolates the bag and protects it from the light.

Made from microwavable cardboard, a strong, light and stable material.

Contains a tamperproof seal and is operated by pressing with the fingers. It is convenient, safe and simple, highly watertight and prevents the access of oxygen. Non-drip.

Made from a plastic material consisting of a polyethylene layer and a layer of metallic sheets which provide resistance, flexibility and waterproofing, preventing the product coming into contact with the air.

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